How to set up a ProPetHero company account

How to create a ProPetHero company account:

Setting up a ProPetHero company account takes just a couple of minutes! Watch the short video tutorial or read the instructions below to learn how to set your company up and assign training to your employees or staff.

To create a ProPetHero Company account:

    Visit the ProPetHero homepage at
    Select the Groups link in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

    Click the red “Get my instant quote button”.

    Customize your quote.  The pet first aid course is already selected for you, and you also add any of our human training courses to your company account if you'd like.  You can also customize your training quote by adjusting the number of course units you would like to purchase. (Bulk discounts are available for purchases of 5 or more training units.)  Once you have selected your course/courses and the number of trainees or training units you would like to purchase click the "Next" button.

    Note: The training units are paid in advance, and will be used as your employees begin their course. The units never expire, and the more you purchase now, the greater your discount will be for this and all future purchases. Simply adjust the quantity or use the 'Jump to Next Level' link to view the training unit price.

    Click the green Create Account button.

    On the next screen, enter in your shipping address and billing information and select the Complete Order button. You can print your receipt from the next screen. A copy of the receipt will also be emailed to you. 
    Clicking the green Continue to Admin Dashboard button will take you to your company’s account. The Admin Dashboard tour will guide you through the remaining quick and easy company set up process. Your employees will be ready to train in just minutes!

    Need more help? If you have any questions about creating your group account or questions about the course, contact our ProPetHero support team for additional assistance.

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