Where can I see all of my testing history?

How to view your testing history:

We save all of your testing history with us, even for expired certifications.  Follow these steps to view your testing history: 

    Log into your account here (if you haven’t already). This will take you directly to your Dashboard.
    Note: If you are not automatically directed to your Dashboard or if you were already logged in and on another page, you can click on the 'Dashboard' link in the navy navigation bar at the top of the page or click the ProTrainings dot logo in the upper left of the page.  Both options will take you directly to your Dashboard. 

    Once you are on your Dashboard click on Test History on the left-hand side of your page. 

    This will bring you to the My Account tab where you can view and print any/all of your completed and purchased certifications. 
    Note:  To print your certificate from your 'Certification Test History' page, click on the blue printer icon on the far right side of the table.  Click on 'Print Your Card Now' or 'Download PDF Version' to print or save your certificate.

    Need more help?  If you are unable to find your testing history this way you may have multiple accounts with us.  Please contact our Customer Support team as they will be able to quickly assist you with this! 

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