How do I approve (mark) students as completing their class?

To mark students as completing their course, you first need to create a class, then add the students to that class. To find that class's details, go to Instructor Dashboard > Classroom Center > Manage Classrooms and use the search fields to find your class by date. Once you see the list of classes in that date range, click on the blue hyperlink of that class to get to the classroom details section and see your students. (Make sure that all your students are listed correctly, you cannot add or change information once they are marked completed) Once you've reviewed your student list, put a checkmark in the box just left of the student's name. 

To know when a class is complete and the students are marked, a printer icon will appear on the right side of each student's name. When this icon is present you know that a digital copy of their card was sent to their email. You are able to click the printer icon and print cards as well. 

If you have other instructors with your organization, you'll see a drop-down bar as well with each of the instructor's names listed. Match up the correct instructor and students. After you make those correct choices, click on  "mark complete". You may need to mark some students the first time and repeat this step for each instructor's students so the proper instructor's name is listed on each student's certification.

For a video tutorial on how to mark students complete click here

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