How do I edit a student's information?

When in your Admin Dashboard you can find any student by clicking on the "students" tab at the top, then go to student search to find any student by their last name. Make sure to choose the correct status as well, then click on the "filter students" bar to get your results.

If you are still having troubles finding them, you can click on the "view full roster" option on the left side of that page and that will provide you a full listing of all your students in alphabetical order.

Once you find your student, click on the yellow pencil near their name and that will take you to the "edit student Profile" page where you can make updates. Once a student is registered there are some changes that cannot be made, for instance; username, first name, and email address cannot be updated. Contact ProTrainings customer support if you need help making other changes to a student's account.

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