How can I import students to my admin dashboard using a CSV or Excel file (Bulk Import)?

You can add more than one student at a time to your group by using bulk import tools. You can use a form, excel list or CSV file. Once the students are added to the system they will receive a welcome email and be prompted to update their password on their initial login.

The first step is to go to Admin Dashboard > Students > Add New Student section, then click on the Bulk import link at the top of the information fields. You'll notice that when you click this it takes you to another page that allows you to browse your computer and upload a spreadsheet, make sure to choose the options to add them to the system or if you want them added to a class as well. 

Note: You can also add employees by name and have us pre-fill their email address if they all have the same email address pattern.

When you are finished, click the Add Students button.

If you are having troubles loading your students, you may need to add them individually or have your instructor representative assist you with this as well. Click here to email us!

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