How long does the instructor training take?

Current certified instructors with an equivalent curriculum are able to be bridged over without additional training from ProTrainings. Bridging over into our program is a great way to utilize your instructor certification and add additional tools to build your instructor business. We accept certifications, and can bridge over, instructors with these organizations; AHA, ARC, ECSI, ASHI, Medic FirstAid, NSC, and AERT.

New (or expired) instructors need to complete the online course for the highest level provider certification that they will be teaching in addition to the online instructor certification course. These portions of training will take approximately 2-10 hours to complete, depending on the level. After completing the online portions of both courses, instructor candidates will schedule a hands-on skill evaluation with a ProTrainings Instructor Trainer to complete the certifications. This hands-on evaluation will take 1-2 hours depending on the certification level, after which an instructor will be able to begin teaching courses immediately.

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