How do I email training reminders to employees?

How to send a training reminder to an employee:

Company admins can send training reminder emails to staff from the admin dashboard. 

  1. From the admin dashboard, click the Training Records icon.
  2. Find the employee through a last name search, or run a Needs Attention report.
  3. Click the employee's hyperlinked name.
  4. On the next screen, click the link to send the Training Reminder Email.
  5. Click the button for Compose Email.
  6. A pre-filled and editable email will open in your browser's default email program.

Note: If clicking "Compose Email" opens up a mail program you don't use, click here for instructions on how to change your web browser's default mail program.

Note: If you need to send training reminder emails to a large number of employees, let our group support team know!

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