How to enter and use a discount, corporate, class, or affiliate code

How to enter and use a Discount, Corporate, Class, or Referral Code:

If you have received any kind of code-- a discount code, a corporate code from your employer, class code from your teacher, or a referral code-- you can enter your code while creating your account or while checking out to redeem your code and make sure your referrer earns rewards (if applicable).  

You can enter your code in two ways:

Follow the steps below on how to enter your code for each of the two ways.

When you first create an account:

  1. If you are new to ProTrainings you can create an account with us at
  2. Enter your first name, last name, and email address. Create a username and password for yourself.  Click on the Have a Corporate or Referral code? link under the password field. Enter your code, then click the red Begin Training button to finish creating your account.

    Note: If you are assigned a specific course/s, adding the code to your account during the sign-up process will automatically add the assigned course/s to your account for you.  The course/s will appear on your Training Dashboard and will also reflect any discounts provided by your code or no price if your course/s is prepaid for. If you've completed the sign-up process but forgot to add your code simply reach out to the Customer Support team and we can add it for you! 

When you are in your cart: 

  1. When you are first in your cart, click on the Have a discount code? link directly below the Continue Shopping button. Enter your code in the pop-up box and click Apply.  This will apply the appropriate discount and make sure your referrer will receive their referral bonus (if applicable).  Then you may click on the Proceed to Checkout button to complete the rest of the checkout process to finalize your certificate. 

    Need more help? If you have trouble adding your code or your code is not working, contact our Customer Support team! We can apply it for you, or walk you through adding it.

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