How to export or email student cards to a PDF or CSV file

I need to email all the student's course completion cards to their employer. The program allows only one student per email address. Help, please.
Follow these steps to email all certificates to an employer:

  • Log into your account and click on "Admin Dashboard"
  • Go to your classes under "manage classes"
  • Click on the class link that you want (blue hyperlinked class name), this will take you to this page with the student's names
  • Mark your students completed/passed, so you can go to the next step
  • Click on the bar that says "export all cards to pdf" and it will open up another browser page with all the students' cards in one file 
  • Download that file to your computer and then share it with the employer by attaching it to their email.

Please note that each student's email should be added to their information so that they receive a digital copy of their certification. This PDF option above is really a good way to make sure the employer receives their cards as well.

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