My employer is paying for my certification, but the site is asking me to pay. What do I do?

How to get connected to your employer's account:

If you’re being asked to pay for your certification but you’re sure that your employer is taking care of it or providing you a discount, don’t panic! It’s likely just a matter of getting your account properly attached to your employer’s account so that your certification can be processed accordingly. Follow these steps to get connected: 

    Find your employer’s corporate code. Your employer has a unique code that allows employees to be connected to their corporate account and access their selected courses and certifications. 
    If you’re not sure what your employer’s corporate code is, contact your supervisor or admin and ask them to provide it to you.
    Enter your corporate code.  Follow the steps listed below on how to enter your corporate code. 
    1. Return to your cart- click the blue  Pay Here button under the course on your Training Dashboard or click on the white cart icon in the navy navigation bar at the top of the page.
    2. Click on Have a discount code? below the Continue Shopping button.
    3. Enter your code in the Discount code box.
    4. Click Apply. 

    This will connect your account to your employer's account and update the price of the certificate in your cart so that you can check out without paying or pay the discounted price depending on what your employer offers.

    Note: If your code does not update the price in your cart contact our Customer Support team to help make sure the code is valid and you have taken the correct course for the code to be applied. 
    Ask us to get you connected. Our Customer Support team can connect your account to your employer’s, so feel free to contact us if you need help
    When you contact us, be prepared to give us:
    - Your first and last name
    - Email address
    - Employer’s name and code (if you know it)

    Once we have your account connected to your employer's we can also help process your certificate for you, giving you access to your certificate to print or save as needed.

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