How to sign up for our Referral Program

Referral Program: The Basics, How to Enroll, Finding & Sharing Your Code 

Our affiliate program allows you to provide our high-quality, 100% online training to your clients and network. You earn a commission, your referrals get a 10% discount on their course, and ProTrainings receives a portion of the sales.

For example, if you refer a student to complete Healthcare BLS through

  • They will see a listing price of $49.95
  • With your referral code, they will pay $44.96 (a 10% discount)
  • You will receive $9.99 (20% of their purchasing price, starting commission rate)

Currently, commissions are paid monthly within the first five business days of each month via direct deposit. You must have earned at least $20 in commission each month to receive these funds; if your balance is less than $20, the commission payment will roll over until the next month in which your commission balance exceeds $20.

You can earn commission on ProTrainings US courses. This excludes physical products, ProHIPAA, ProTrainings UK courses, and Continuing Education courses provided by our CE course provider, Allegra. You can view a full list of our courses at

How to Enroll:

  1. Fill out the Referral Program Enrollment Form
  2. We will email you with our Affiliate Agreement, Direct Deposit Form, and W-9 form. We manually review all enrollment questions, so please allow 1-2 business days for a response.
  3. Digitally fill out, sign the forms, and send them back to us via DocuSign. We review your paperwork, approve you, and send you an email confirmation.
  4. Share your code and receive a commission payment within the first 5 days of every month.

Need help with DocuSign? Check out our How to Sign your Affiliate Agreement via DocuSign article.

How to create or find your referral code:

1. Log into your account at Once logged in, click on your Partner Dashboard:

2. In your Partner Dashboard, your discount code can be found on the left side of the page. You can also monitor your current earnings, unpaid balance, and all-time earnings from this page:

3. Click Spread the Word on the right side of the page to go to the sharing tool.

The sharing tool allows you to quickly and easily create image ads, text ads, and social media posts.

  • Image Ad: A clickable image you can add to your website or blog that links to the course homepage.
  • Text Link Ad: A clickable text link you can add to your website, blog, or emails that links to the course homepage.
  • Social Media: Pre-made ads to share on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp and many other social media platforms.

4. Earn 15% commission + on all applicable course purchases using your code.

Sharing Your Referral Code:

You are welcome to share your referral code with your clients, family, friends, and community. Many people are looking for ways to support each other and specifically support small businesses! Here are a few ideas:

  • Send an email with your code to your clients who are in need of recertification letting them know that they can get certified online and while still supporting you. You can also offer to set up virtual office hours to answer their questions during the course so they still feel connected. Here is a short video with ideas for hosting virtual office hours.
  • Share your referral code on your personal or business social media. Interest in virtual courses has skyrocketed as people look for ways to pass the time at home. Additionally, parents may find this to be a good opportunity for their school-aged children to learn these important skills as part of their daily schoolwork.
Important note: You may not share your discount codes or affiliate link on coupon sites, such as, etc. in an effort to ensure that the referral program supports your business and your valued customers directly and does not undermine the efforts of other affiliates. If we find your discount code listed on such a site, your discount code will be deactivated, you will not receive payment for these referrals, and we reserve the right to terminate your affiliate account. For more details on allowed and disallowed activities, please read the terms of use.


If you would like more information regarding this referral program, please send us a note at

If your students have questions on how to apply your referral code please direct them to this help article: How to Use a Referral Code

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