Do you offer an ACLS course?

Needing an ACLS course for Initial Certification or Recertification?

We offer both an ACLS Initial Certification and an ACLS Recertification course!

Our ProACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) course can be accessed at Like our other CPR/AED and first aid courses, the entire course is available 100% online, or with a Blended (online + hands-on) option.

Visit our ProACLS course page for a detailed course curriculum, pricing, and course time information.  You can also start/stop the course at your convenience, and our site will automatically save your progress. 

A quick overview of the course:

  • Training Section: ~4 hours of training videos/questions (optional if completing the Recertification course)
  • Testing Section: split into 2 segments
    • Skill Scenarios: 11 scenarios, ~1 hour to complete, each scenario must be completed with 100% accuracy to move forward.
    • Multiple-choice question test: 50 questions, ~1 hour to complete, a score of 85% or higher to pass. 
  • Overall Time: Altogether, the course could take as little as 2-3 hours and as long as 6-8 hours depending if you are taking the course for the first time or re-certifying.

Here is a sample of what our ProACLS certification card looks like. 

Note: Our ProACLS Initial Certification course is equivalent to 8.0 continuing education (CE) credits, and our ProACLS Recertification course is equivalent to 4.0 CE's.  A CEU Statement can be printed from your Training Dashboard at any time while your certification is valid.  If you need assistance accessing your CEU Statement, please  contact our Support Team .

If you need help with how to start this course visit our 'How to start a course' page for more information. 

Did you know?  We also offer a PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) course for initial or recertification!  Visit our ProPALS website for more information. 

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