CPR guidelines

CPR guidelines and training

Here, at ProTrainings, we follow the most up-to-date ECC/ILCOR standards and our curriculum meets or exceeds the American Heart Association (AHA) recommended guidelines. 

Our training is equivalent to the AHA’s certification courses, whether a healthcare provider, first responder, or those in the general workplace needing advanced or lay-rescuer level CPR and First Aid training. We fulfill the requirements for education for entities such as the Joint Commission, OSHA, and Medicare.

Unfamiliar with ProTrainings?  View our Employer Letter for more information about the guidelines we follow, our acceptances, and the programs we offer. 

When are the guidelines updated and the changes implemented?

The CPR guidelines are updated every 5 years. Any changes and/or updates are implemented the following year after the guidelines are released. So, in other words, the 2020 guidelines will be implemented in the spring of 2021 as the current guidelines are from 2015 through 2020.

If you're interested in doing continued research on the matter, feel free to visit this link to see the most current published articles on American Heart Association ECC/ILCOR guidelines AHA 2015 guideline highlights

Will ProTrainings be updating the courses if the guidelines change?

Yes!  For the new 2020 updates, all courses and instructors need to be updated by June 30th. We are planning to have our new updated videos up very soon. Also, for our Instructors, they should be getting their 2020 UPDATE course added to their accounts by mid/end of April. They will then have until June 30th to pass their updated course to continue teaching.

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