Free CPR Training

Looking for free CPR?

Here at ProTrainings, we believe that anyone who would like to receive the awareness should be able to do so!  We are pleased to offer our CPR and/or First Aid training to you at no charge. 

-How to get started?

You are welcome to register for a free account and check out any of our CPR and/or First Aid courses at any time!

-Needing a certification?

If you are needing to obtain a certification, upon passing the online test you are welcome to proceed to the checkout process and purchase your course to obtain one.  

Upon processing your payment you will receive an emailed receipt that includes a copy of your digital certification which you are able to print at any time.  If selected during the checkout process, a mailed wallet card will also be sent out to you and typically arrives within 5-7 business days (7-10 if international). 

If you are not needing a certification you are not required to purchase your course. 

We also offer other general courses that require payment prior to or in the middle of training. Feel free to visit this link to learn more about these courses and when each of our courses would ask for payment. 

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