How do I start a course?

To start a course:

    Click ‘Sign Up’ to create an account with us.
    After your account is created, you will be taken to a screen that says ‘Let Us Help You Choose the Right Course’ - our system will ask you a few questions to recommend the best course for you. Choose the answers that best fit your situation.

        Note: If you know which course you want, you can click on the ‘I already know the name of the course I need’ link under the questions to select the course from a list. You can always jump back to the course assistant by clicking on the ‘I need help choosing a course’ link under the course listing.

    Once you answer all of the questions, a window will pop-up showing the suggested course for you. You can select this training by clicking on ‘Start Course.’

        Note: If you don’t want the suggested course, you can close this window by clicking on the grey ‘x’ in the upper right corner. Click on the ‘Start Over’ link on the original page to go back to the beginning of the course assistant.

    You will be taken to the course’s landing page, with two options:
        • Pre-Test, Training and Test Challenge. This option is for students who have either never trained before, or would like to review all of the videos before taking the test for the course. Click on the ‘Start Training’ button to select this option.
        • Test Challenge Only. This option is for those who have trained before and are comfortable enough in their skills to go straight to the test. Click on the ‘Begin Test’ button to select this option.

            Note: Some courses, such as ProBloodborne and ProHIPAA, do not have a Test Challenge Only option. This is because students are required to take the full course before they can take the test each time they certify.

    Enjoy your course!

Did you know? Many of our courses are free to take for awareness. If you would like to train but don’t need a certification, you can either take a course or simply watch the same videos (without the test) under the Training section of our website.

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