What are the steps to become trained as an instructor with ProTrainings?

To become a NEW Instructor with ProTrainings the steps are simple and straightforward!

  1. Sign up at www.proinstructortraining.com and create your account
  2. Complete the instructor course and corresponding provider level course online training and testing portions (see course descriptions below)
  3. Pay for your course(s) - the provider level course can be done at no cost after paying for the $297 instructor program.
  4. Schedule your hands-on evaluation with our instructor trainer (make sure you have your manikin equipment for this step)

Completing the instructor course and their corresponding provider level course will prepare you to teach the course levels you need for your students (step 2):

  • Healthcare Provider BLS, Adult, Child, & Infant CPR and First Aid (take ProFirstAid Advanced and ProCPR Instructor courses)
  • Lay Rescuer Adult, Child, & Infant CPR and First Aid (take ProFirstAid and ProFirstAid Instructor courses)
  • Adult Lay Rescuer CPR and First Aid (take ProFirstAid Basic and the ProFirstAid Basic instructor course)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens (take our ProBlloodborne provider course and our ProBloodborne Instructor course)

If you are a current instructor, then things get even easier. See our FAQ's about bridging over current instructors.

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