Do I need to be currently certified as a CPR instructor to become an instructor with ProTrainings?

No. If you are not currently certified as an instructor with a recognized organization, you will need to complete the instructor training certification course and the corresponding provider level certification course. These are completed at the same time because your instructor skill evaluation will include the skill evaluation for your provider level certification.

If you are bridging to ProTrainings as a currently certified instructor from a recognized organization, you will only need to send us a copy of your current instructor certification (front and back) to or fax to 810-592-5007. We accept instructor certifications from AHA, ARC, ASHI, AERT, ECSI, HSI, NSC and Medic First Aid.

You are not required by ProTrainings to keep your provider level certification current to maintain or renew your instructor certification.

Keep in mind, if you are required by your workplace or other organization to have a current CPR or First Aid certification, the instructor certification does not meet this requirement. The instructor certification only authorizes you to teach and issue CPR, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens certifications to others.

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