Do we need to purchase Manikins - Student to Manikin ratio?

ProTrainings requires that instructors have properly cleaned and maintained manikin equipment when conducting classes with their students. 

Standards and guidelines state that the manikin to student ratio is a minimum of 1:3; meaning 1 manikin (or other pieces of equipment) shared with up to 3 students. For example, with a ProCPR certification class of 12 students, an instructor must have a minimum of 4 adult manikins w/4 replacement lungs, 4 infant manikins, 4 AED trainers and 4 bag valve masks.

The best scenario would be to have 1 set of equipment for every 1-2 students to have the most efficient use of training time.

As a new instructor, you'll probably start out with one manikin kit, but your end goal should be to obtain more, as this will allow you to train more students, make better use of time, and essentially give you the opportunity to increase your business profits. Here is a link to our online store for those instructor supplies

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