Are your certificates widely accepted?

Our certifications are nationally and internationally accepted and accredited. There is no reason that any national, state or local employer should deny our certifications. If they do, then they are being biased to those other organizations and our Compliance Department would like to reach out to educate them and provide them the information they need to review in order to gain that acceptance.

If you have a specific occupation and state that you are looking for, you can access a number of different areas to find out what courses are accepted or not, and which course best meets the needs of each professional area. This list is not complete though, so if yours is not listed, feel free to email us at and we'll seek out the answers you need.

  • You can bookmark this state acceptance page website link and just add in the information in the search bar. This will give you a good idea of the courses in the state that are accepted, etc.
  • Check out our ProTrainings Compliance Packet for a current live listing of all the state and national departments we've gained acceptance from.
  •  Call the state department directly and ask them if they have an approved list of providers.

If you find that we are not listed with the organization or state department that you are seeking, please reach out to us and we'll contact them directly for you. If you are accepted by the state but your employer wants a specific branded certification, you'll want to share our ProTrainings Introduction Letter with your employer to explain who we are and why they should accept ProTrainings certifications as well.

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