Are instructors employed by ProTrainings?

As an instructor with ProTrainings, you are not employed by ProTrainings nor considered a subcontractor. As a certified instructor with ProTrainings, you are authorized to issue ProTrainings certifications. Your agreement with us means that you will teach using our training materials according to the course outlines, training guidelines, and issue certifications following the policies and procedures stated in the instructor manual.

As an instructor with ProTrainings, you are not able to alter any ProTrainings teaching materials or add your business logo to our certifications or other materials you receive from ProTrainings. The student will always have access to receive their certification and training records through our customer support center in case they are not able to reach their instructor. 

If you are interested in being employed by ProTrainings, I would encourage you to go to to see our open positions and apply!

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