How many questions are on the ACLS written test?

What to expect for the ACLS testing portion: 

The ProACLS online testing portion is broken down into two segments: 11 video scenarios and 50 multiple-choice questions.

What to expect for the scenarios: 

  • There are a total of 11 video scenarios. Each scenario represents a unique problem. You will watch a short video segment followed by a question asking you to make a decision based on what you have just seen. This pattern continues until you have successfully resolved the scenario. The scenarios include CPR, drug treatments, and defibrillation.  Click here to watch an example video of how the scenarios work.
  • The scenarios are required and typically take an hour of time to complete.  In order to pass the entire scenario evaluation, you must get 100% for each scenario. You do not have to complete these in any particular order, but you will not be able to advance to the final test until all scenarios are complete.  
  • If you answer a question incorrectly, you may end the scenario and either restart that scenario or start another scenario and come back to it later. There is no penalty for failing or ending scenarios.
  • The megacode is included as the final of the 11 scenarios tested.  There are 11 scenarios total; 10 of which follow a patient who is in one particular type of cardiac distress. 
Note:  The megacode, which is considered the final scenario, follows a patient who shows symptoms of several different types of distress throughout his/her treatment.  As per the new ACLS requirements, we test the student’s ability to correctly recognize and diagnose the patient’s cardiac state and to lead a team through proper patient care.

What to expect for the written test:  

  • The ProACLS written test has about 50 multiple-choice questions.  
  • The written test is also required and typically takes an hour of time to complete.  The passing score for the written test is 85% or higher. 

Overall course length and completion:

  • The course could take as many as 6-8 hours or as little as 2-3 hours, depending on if you are taking the course for the first time or re-certifying.  Altogether, the training videos have just under 4 hours of content. The scenarios add an additional hour of time, as does the written test. 
  • Note:  The training videos are required for the ProACLS Initial Certification, the videos are optional for the ProACLS Recertification but are highly encouraged. 
  • Once you have successfully completed and passed the course you will have immediate access to your certificate upon purchasing your course. You will also receive a professionally printed wallet card in the mail in 5-7 business days (if selected during the checkout process). 

Did you know? You may stop and resume the training, scenarios, and test as needed. You can take the scenarios and test as many times as you need to pass.

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