How do I create employee groups?

Employee Groups

From your Admin Dashboard, you can create employee groups for separate training tracks. This allows you to assign different courses to groups of employees and limit which courses staff can access.

How to create employee groups

First, click the New Employee Group icon on your Admin Dashboard. Name your group and select the course or courses for the employees to take. If the course is one of our CPR courses, select whether the employees will follow the online course with a manikin evaluation, take the course 100% online, or have the option to choose which method they prefer. Once you have the courses set, click Create Group.

Add new employees to the training group:

After creating the group, you will be able to add new employees to the group as you register them on your roster. Fill in the employee’s contact information and select the correct group from the drop down menu on the Add New Employee screen.

Add existing employees to the training group:

If you need to switch the group of an employee who has already been enrolled on your roster, click the Full Roster icon followed by the pencil in front of the employee’s name. Select the correct group from the drop down menu and click the Update Employee button.

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