How to add hands-on

How to add hands-on (online course + SUMO)

With our  Single-Use Manikin Option (SUMO), you can complete your entire blended (online + hands-on) certification from the comfort of your home or office via an instructor-led, live face-to-face video conference. You’ll be evaluated by a nationally certified ProTrainings Instructors. SUMO sessions are a great opportunity to ask questions and make sure you are 100% confident in your skills. 

You can learn more about SUMO at

Whether or not you require a hands-on component is up to the discretion of your state board, employer, or institution.  You can feel free to visit this link to see if we have those guidelines.  Otherwise, you can feel free to reach out to your state board, employer, or institution in order to find out their requirements:

How it works:

Here is a quick overview of how the blended course (online + hands-on) works:

1. Complete the online training and pass the multiple choice test
2. Purchase your course and manikin kit, select an evaluation appointment time
3. Attend your virtual skills evaluation
4. Receive your blended certification card by email

Purchasing your course (online course + SUMO kit): 

Once you have passed the online course with an 80% or higher you will be directed towards the Pre-Checkout Steps.   Pre-Checkout Step 3 is where you can add a hands-on skill evaluation with a SUMO kit to your course/certification.  Click on the blue Add SUMO + Hands-On Skill Evaluation button to proceed.

To schedule your skill evaluation, select an available date shown in blue on the calendar.  If multiple time slots are available on the date you selected you can choose which time you prefer by clicking on the drop-down box next to SELECTED TIME.  Click on the blue Confirm Evaluation and Proceed to Cart button to proceed to the checkout.  This will add the SUMO kit to your cart for you. 

Note: SUMO kits are being delivered within 7-10 business days from the date of purchase due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please keep this in mind when selecting a day/time as you will need your kit in order to do your evaluation. 

From here you can proceed with the checkout process.  Your cart will show the online course and the SUMO kit.  

Example shown: ProFirstAid certificate ($39.95) and SUMO Kit: All Ages ($64.95) with a cart subtotal of $104.90 (or any additional items you wish to purchase and their corresponding prices).  

Click the green  Proceed to Checkout button to enter in your shipping address, billing address, and payment information.

Your skill evaluation day/time will not be confirmed until your payment for BOTH the online course and SUMO kit have been processed.  You will see a message in a green box displayed when you are viewing your cart. 

How to add hands-on if you've gone past PreCheckout Step 3

If you've already gone past PreCheckout Step 3 and processed your payment for the online course only, you can add the hands-on skill evaluation option via our SUMO manikin kit from your Training Dashboard.

Find your course on your Training Dashboard, click on the Add Hands-On Evaluation button to proceed. 

This will take you through the process of scheduling your skill evaluation and adding the SUMO kit to your cart as shown above in PreCheckout Step 3.  

Follow the same steps listed in the  Purchasing your course (online course + SUMO kit): section above for more information on how to schedule your evaluation and purchase your SUMO kit.

Attend your virtual skill evaluation

Once you have selected a day/time for your skill evaluation, clicked the Confirm Evaluation and Proceed to Cart button, and processed your payment (online course + SUMO Kit) you will receive a Confirmation Email to the email address on your account.  

Within this email will be a link to test your audio/video on Zoom beforehand (  

The last sentence of the confirmation email will include a link to join the Zoom meeting with the Instructor on the day/time of your evaluation.

Note: We highly encourage you to join the evaluation ~10 minutes early if possible.  If you are experiencing any difficulties joining your evaluation please call us right away at ph: 616-855-2500.  The instructor will close the class 5-10 minutes after the scheduled start time so we will need to work quickly to help you join in. 

Need additional help?  Feel free to contact our Customer Support team for further assistance!

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