BBP Classroom Courses

Teaching a BBP course in a "classroom" setting?

As an instructor, there are certain steps you will need to follow if you are teaching a Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) course in a "classroom" setting.  

Follow the steps below- 

In a ''classroom" setting instructors should:

    Create the course in the instructor dashboard and then add the students to the class.
    Play all the video training segments of one of the four BBP courses ( ProBloodborne, Bloodborne for the Workplace, Bloodborne for Body Art, California Compliant Bloodborne for Body Art).
    After the students watch the videos, take the time to answer any questions they may have.  Then add a few hands-on activities (see examples below) before providing the written test. 
    • Cleaning up a dry contaminant
    • Cleaning up a wet spill and how to take care of the rags, etc.
    • How to properly clean up the tattooing station (how to dispose of ink containers already used etc.)
    • How to properly handwash, including how to put on gloves as well as remove them
    • Reviewing workplace requirements and reporting guidelines
    Provide the written test for the course. (Students must have 80% or more correct to pass)
    Mark the students completed- issuing their course certifications.
    Note:  Following these short steps will ensure you satisfy the requirements of a BBP Classroom Certification course. 

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