Training Video Options: Video Transcript and Closed Captioning

Training Video Options: Your Way, Your Learning Style!

The training portion of our courses can be accessed in a variety of ways depending on your learning style.  Each training video has a full transcript that can be accessed right below the video.  

We also offer Closed Captioning in English for all of our courses and Spanish for a variety of our courses.  See below for how to access these options! 

To view the video transcript-

    Below the training video click on the Show full transcript for (video name) link.

    This will display the video transcript as shown below.

To turn on Closed Captioning 

    Click on the Closed Captioning- CC icon in the video player toolbar.  This will bring up the captions setting where you can select to turn on captions in English or Spanish (if available).
    Once the captions are turned on, they will appear on the video as shown below.  To turn the captions off, simply click the CC icon again and select captions off

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