Where do I find my training materials - manuals, videos, checklists, and written tests?

We actually made it much easier for instructors to have access to their teaching and educational materials. Here's a video on how you get to those items or just follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your account
  2. Click on "Instructor Dashboard" or "Admin Dashboard"
  3. You will look under the Classroom section and find the "Instructor Documents" icon, click on that
  4. Here you will find multiple tabs that allow you to access all your curriculum, handbooks, written tests, and more

Regarding saving your training videos on external devices, we don't sell DVDs or USBs anymore due to the constant and continual updates we make to our courses. Instead, we suggest obtaining a USB thumb drive with at least 80 GB of storage to be able to hold all of the recordings for each class. If you have an internet connection at your place of training, you can always stream the videos from our website instead; you can find all of our CPR courses at www.procpr.com/training and all the videos are there as well. The Bloodborne Pathogens videos will need to be downloaded, as we do not provide access to those publicly.

NOTE: We have tried to supply each Skill Evaluator and Instructor with just the materials needed for their level, so not all of the materials are available to everyone, 

If you are working with the StudentCPR program, you will use the "educator dashboard" to create your classes, provide the Community CPR Student Manual, and use the Community CPR Skill Checklists for the hands-on evaluations.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to our Customer Support or Instructor Help teams at 888-406-7487

Last edited March 8, 2023

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