I would like your permission to post your videos for my employees

I'm excited that you want to share our videos! ProTrainings has the philosophy and mission that everyone should be able to know how to save a life by doing CPR!

Our videos are open to the public, so as long as you share them appropriately, as they are, with no changes, and follow all of our terms and conditions you shouldn't have any issues. Also, understand that only ProTrainings and ProTrainings Instructors can issue certificates and that by watching the videos alone, you cannot gain a certification. To become certified, you will need to create an account at www.protrainings.com or join a class to obtain a course certificate.

That being said, sharing videos from a company that you don't have the rights to does come with some stipulations, but don't let this discourage you from sharing, just make a mental note of the things you cannot do and take a moment to read through our terms and conditions before you put anything up on your site. Things such as renaming certifications, or altering the name on our certificates, or videos are not allowed, along with some of these commonly asked questions below, without the rights to the specific vendor or company.

  • Do not add your name or company name to our video presentations
  • Do not promote our products as yours or add or take away any of the training
  • Do not add or remove an introduction, video, or present a slide, etc at the beginning, middle, or end of our courses
  • Do not add or remove any audio or visual changes
  • Do not promote to others that you can issue certificates or instruct others in CPR on behalf of ProTrainings without the correct credentials

We appreciate you going through the information above and taking kind steps when sharing our training. We go through exhaustive efforts to get our certifications approved by a number of accrediting entities, including licensing departments, state agencies, and national entities, so we never want to risk losing the confidence of our accrediting agencies. If you would like to have an instructor trained under ProTrainings at your facility to certify your team there and have the ability to have our life-saving training in-house, we can do that. Just call our Group Support Team or get an online quote.

Also, sending us a screenshot and URL of the site and how you are presenting the video is helpful in making sure that you are meeting our proprietary standards. Send those to compliance@protrainings.com or call 855-462-4212 to speak to our Compliance & Accreditation team.

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