What is the difference between your ACLS initial certification and recertification courses?

ACLS initial certification versus recertification:

Both courses offer the same content, but there are some important differences:

In the ProACLS initial certification course:

  • The course is about 6 hours long (including the video training, scenarios, and test).
  • Students must watch all of the videos before moving to the scenarios and test.
  • Approved for 8.0 CME, 8.0 ACPE, 8.0 ADA, and 8.0 ANCC credits.

Whereas in the ProACLS recertification course:

  • Students may skip the video training, so the course can be shorter in length depending on the student’s pace.
  • The scenarios and test are still required for completion and are roughly 2 hours long.
  • Approved for 4.0 CME 4.0 ACPE, 4.0 ADA, and 4.0 ANCC credits.

Need to add a hands-on component?  Both the initial certification and recertification courses are offered as a 100% online course or as a Blended (online + hands-on) course.  Learn more about our SUMO (single-use manikin option) here or find an instructor near you here to add a hands-on skill evaluation to your certification. 

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