The course videos won’t play.

How to troubleshoot video streaming issues:

If you are having issues streaming our course training videos follow the steps below for some troubleshooting tips:

    Switch to a different video player. Under each course training video, you will see: Having trouble watching this video? Watch from Vimeo or YouTube.   Click on either the Watch from Vimeo or YouTube link to switch your video player.  Clicking on either link won’t take you away from the training page or out of the course, it will just change the source of the video, which will solve the majority of playback issues.

    Try a different browser. In most cases, our videos don’t require a plugin to view, so any internet browser that supports HTML5 should work for watching on our sites. However, if you’re using a browser that doesn’t support HTML5, or if you are using an outdated browser, this may be the cause of playback problems. Try switching to a different browser if one is available or updating the browser you’re already using to its latest version.  We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser as this generally works the best.  
    Other troubleshooting tips. The solutions below cover rarer causes of playback problems. If the tips above don’t work, try these:
        • Update your Adobe Flash plugin. You can update your Flash plugin here:
        • Change your network firewall settings. This is a common cause of playback problems for those who are trying to train at their workplace, at school, in a library, or other public settings. In these cases, you would need to work with your IT department or IT specialist to provide access to our course videos within your organization’s network.

Need more help? Contact our Customer Support team for further troubleshooting assistance.

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