What is the difference between watching the videos in a course and watching them in the Training section?

The difference between Training Videos and Course Videos:

Although the videos in the training section are the same videos used in the courses, there are some important differences in how the videos are organized and presented.

Note:  We always recommend watching the videos while logged into your account to better track your progress through the course.

In an enrolled course:

    • You can save your progress and return later.
    • Closed captioning is available.
    • You can easily move from one video to the next within a course or go back to a video to rewatch it.
    • The videos are presented in the best order to help you learn.
    • There are practice questions between the videos that help you prepare for the test.
    • The course’s student manual is accessible from within the course and in your Dashboard.
    • When you’ve completed the course (watched all of the videos and answered all of the practice questions), you will automatically be taken to the course test.
    • When you’ve completed the test, you can go directly to your cart to purchase your certification.

Whereas, in the Training section:

    • You don’t need to be logged in to an account to watch the videos.
    • You can watch the videos in any order or one at a time (but your progress will not be saved).
    • Closed captioning and transcripts are available.
    • Videos are organized by category and are easy to find.
    • There are no practice questions.
    • If available, student manuals are linked to at the top of the Training section.
    • The course test is linked to at the top of the Training section, but you will not be taken there automatically.
Note:  Some courses such as Bloodborne for Body Art and ProHIPAA require that all course videos are watched while logged into an account before you will have access to the certification test.

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