How do I save my progress in my course or test?

To manually save your progress from within your course:

Our system will automatically save your progress in a course or test whenever you’re logged into your account, but you can also manually save your progress when you’re ready to end your training or testing session by following these steps: 

    Click on the Save and Close button at the top of the page in your Training or Test as shown below. 

    You will be taken back to your Dashboard, and you may log out or close your browser window as normal.  When you log back in you will be able to pick up where you left off. 
    Note:  Once you begin your test we ask that you complete it within 7 days.  If not completed within 7 days, the test will reset back to the first question for you.

    Did you know?  You can start/stop any of our courses at your convenience! For help logging back into your account and picking up your course exactly where you left off, check out our How do I start my course again from where I left off? article. 

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