How do I start my course again from where I left off?

Any time you train while logged into your account, we will save your progress in your course when you’re ready to stop. You can log back into your account and pick up your course again from your Dashboard.

To find your course and resume training:

    Log into your account (if you haven’t already). This will take you directly to your Dashboard.
    If you are already logged in, click on the ‘My Dashboard’ link in the black navigation bar at the top of the page, or click on the ProTrainings dot logo in the upper left of the page. Both options will take you directly to your Dashboard. 
    In your Training Dashboard, find your course under ‘Your Enrolled Courses.’
    Click on the ‘Resume Training’ button under the course title. You will also see what number question you were on when you last closed your course under the ‘Resume Training’ button.
    You will be taken directly to the last saved point in your course, and you can continue your training as normal.

If you don’t see your course in your Dashboard, or if the progress listed under the course doesn’t match where you left off last, see our troubleshooting article for how to find your course again. You are also always welcome to  contact our Customer Support team for more help.

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