How do I view employee training records?

How to view employee training status and certification records

The Training Record icon allows you to sort your employees by training status, course taken, or company branch if applicable. All reports can be downloaded as a spreadsheet by clicking the Export list to csv button.

The Needs Attention Report

The Needs Attention report is the most frequently used report, and will return a roster of any employees who are not finished with their assigned training or have a certification that is either expired or expiring soon.

The Passed/Incomplete Report

The passed/incomplete report will generate a list of employees who have passed the online course but are unfinished for any reason, such as an incomplete skill evaluation. Click the blue information icon for more details.

The Passed/Complete Report

To print out employee certifications, first run the Passed/Complete report. You can then print the certification cards individually for each employee by clicking the printer icon next to the certification record, or as a batch by clicking the Print Certifications button.

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