How do I assign pre-paid training to employees?

*For information on assigning self-paid courses, see the article How to Assign Self-pay Courses to Employees.

Assigning training for initial certifications

After purchasing training units, the course you purchased will be available to any employee on your roster who does not have a current certification. The pre-paid training units do not need to be assigned to specific employees. A unit is used when an employee passes the certification test.

When you enroll employees by clicking the Add New Employee icon, the option to send the employee a Welcome Email with login information is checked by default. The Welcome Email includes the employee’s username, password and a login link. The pre-purchased course or courses will be loaded onto the employee’s training dashboard for them, and will be the only available courses.

Assigning training for re-certification

By default, employees on your roster will receive a notice 30 days before their ProTrainings certification expires and another notice on the expiration date. The notification emails include the employee’s username and a link to log back into their account to renew their certification.

Sending training reminders for assigned courses

You can also send a training reminder email to your employees from your Admin Dashboard. First, run a Needs Attention report from the Training Report screen. Click the name of the employee and then the link for Send Training Reminder Email. You'll also see a pop-up option to CC yourself in the email if desired.

Sending bulk training reminders for assigned courses

You can also send these reminders in bulkto multiple employees. To do this, you'll want to run a "Needs Attention" report from the training report screen. Afterwards click on the "Export CSV" link above the list of employees and open the spreadsheet. Copy and paste the emails into your email client and mass email your employees.

Feel free to use this template when sending out bulk reminders:

Hello ,

This is a reminder to complete the CPR online course in your ProTrainings account. If you are receiving this email you are due for training.
Here are the steps to complete the course:
2. Log in with your email address. If you don’t remember your password, you can reset it at the login page.
3. Complete the CPR course.

If you have questions, need help accessing your account, or believe you’re receiving this email in error, please reach out to the ProTrainings Support Team at or 888-406-7487.

Creating employee training tracks

If you have purchased multiple courses, you can also create employee groups for separate training tracks. To set up employee groups, click the New Employee Group icon.

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