Price of Our Courses

Here is a list of ProTrainings courses and the price for each- 

CPR/BLS, AED, & First Aid

  • ProCPR (CPR/BLS & AED for all ages)- $59.95
  • ProFirstAid Advanced (CPR/BLS, AED & First Aid for All ages)- $59.95
  • ProCPR Basic (CPR & AED for adults only)- $39.95
  • ProFirstAid (CPR, AED & First Aid for all ages)- $39.95
  • ProFirstAid Basic (CPR, AED, & First Aid for adults only)- $39.95
  • Community CPR (CPR & AED for all ages)- $39.95
  • ProFirstAid Only (First Aid only for all ages- NO CPR)- $39.95
  • ProPetHero (CPR and First Aid for Cats and Dogs)- $49.95


  • ProACLS Initial- $195.00, Recertification- $175.00
  • ProPALS Initial- $195.00, Recertification- $175.00

Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP)

  • ProBloodborne- $29.95
  • Bloodborne for Body Art- $24.95
  • California Compliant Bloodborne for Body Art- $24.95
  • Bloodborne for the Workplace- $29.95


  • ProAnaphylaxis (Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine Auto-Injector)- $29.95


  • ProHIPAA- $29.95
  • ProHIPAA for Leaders- $49.95

General Workplace & Other Courses

  • ProHazcom- $19.95
  • Sexual Harassment- $19.95
  • Workplace Fire Safety- $19.95
  • Ergonomics (Healthcare, Office, General Workplace)- $19.95
  • Coronavirus COVID 19- $14.95
  • Self Defense- $29.95

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