How to sign your Affiliate Agreement via Docusign

Once we process your Referral Program Enrollment, you will receive an email from our team via DocuSign.

1. Open the email and click the yellow Review Documents button.

2. Read and accept the DocuSign terms and conditions. Then click Continue.

3. Fill out the Affiliate Agreement, then click Sign. Make sure your name and initials are correct, then choose your signature style. Click Adopt and Sign once you're done.

4. Fill out the W-9 tax form, then click Sign.

5. Finally, Fill out the AHC Direct Deposit form, then click Sign.

6. Click Finish at the bottom, or on the upper right of the page.

7. You'll then need to create, or log into, your DocuSign account. Then click Submit.

8. DocuSign will display a confirmation message, then you're all set! We'll reach out to you once we process your enrollment forms.

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