Can I pay for my certification by money order?

Can I pay by money order versus credit/debit card?

Yes! Although credit and debit cards and PayPal are our preferred methods of payment (because you would be granted immediate access to your certificate online), we do accept money orders.  Follow the steps below to pay for your certification by money order. 

Note: Keep in mind that if you do pay by money order, we can’t approve you to print your certificate until we receive the money order at our office.  

To pay by money order:

    Make your money order payable to ProTrainings, LLC.
    Include your full name, email address, phone number, and mailing address on the money order; so that we can find your account and update your shipping information (so that we can mail your wallet-sized certification to you if applicable).
    Send the money order to:

          ProTrainings, LLC
          6452 E Fulton St. #1
          Ada, MI 49301

    We will mark your course as paid as soon as we receive the money order, and you will automatically be sent an emailed receipt, with a digital copy of your certification attached. You'll also be able to print from your account at that time. We’ll also mail out your wallet card, which you will receive within 7-10 business days (if applicable).

    Need more help? If you have questions about your payment or need additional help, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

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