I passed the test. How do I purchase my certificate?

Immediately after you pass your test, you will be directed to the Pre-Checkout Steps, which are opportunities to give us your feedback, tell others about our courses, see items available in our store, or schedule a hands-on skill evaluation (if applicable).

You can complete each step, or you can skip to the next page by selecting ‘In a hurry? Click here to continue’ or ‘Continue to Cart,’ whichever option is available.

    Once in your cart, add any other items you would like to buy and review your total to make sure it’s correct. When you’re ready to continue, click on ‘Proceed to Checkout.’

        Note: If you have a discount code for your certification or a corporate code from your employer, click on the ‘Have a discount code?’ link directly above your cart. Enter your code in the field that pops up and click ‘Apply.’ Your cart will automatically update the new total amount.

    You will be taken to our secure checkout form. Enter your complete address. When you’ve finished adding your shipping details, click on the ‘Next’ button.
        • Billing Same as Shipping Address. If your mailing address is the same as your billing address, you can check this box, and our system will automatically fill out the Billing Details section for you. You will be taken directly to Credit Card Details when you click ‘Next.’
        • Billing address different from shipping address. If your billing address is different from your mailing address, uncheck the ‘Billing Same as…’ box and click ‘Next.’ Complete the Billing Details section and select ‘Next’ again.
    In the Credit Card Details section, enter your card information, starting with the name on your card (enter it exactly as it appears on your card, including a middle initial if your card displays one). Enter your card number without any spaces between numbers. Finally, enter your card’s expiration date and security code (if you’re not sure where to find the security code, click on the ‘What is this?’ link for more information on how to find it). When all of your payment information is completely filled in, click on the ‘Next’ button.
    In the Other Details section, you have the option to enter your phone number, occupation, company, and how you heard about us. You can select how you would like to be contacted when your certification is about to expire, and whether you would like to print and receive a mailed hard copy card or just print your certificate online. You may read the Warranty and Terms of Use statement at this time as well.
    When you’re ready to submit your payment, click on the green ‘Complete Order’ button.

        Note: If you receive an error after submitting payment, double check that all of your information is correct and fully entered. If you’re still unable to complete your payment, please see our troubleshooting article on payment, or contact our Customer Support team for more help.

    You will be taken to your receipt, which will have your unique order number displayed at the top. You can print your receipt and certificate at this time by clicking on the ‘More Options’ link to the right of your order total, and it will also be available from your Dashboard to view or print any time.

Immediately after your purchase, we will automatically email you a copy of your receipt, with a digital copy of your wallet certificate attached to the email for you to save or print (this will go to the email address you listed on your account when you signed up).

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