What is the difference between online-only and Blended (online + hands-on) certificates?

Online-Only versus Blended (online + hands-on):

Each of our CPR courses is available as either 100% online (cognitive only), or as an accredited Blended certification, which includes a practical hands-on skills assessment with one of our certified instructors. 

There are a few key differences that help differentiate an online-only certificate from a Blended certificate.  The information and the sample certificates shown below will explain these key differences, what they mean, and where they are indicated on the certificate. 


The online-only certification card can be obtained by individuals who are not required to complete hands-on training for their workplace or regulatory body. The online-only certification card will be empty in the area where the blended card says “BLENDED.”

An Online Only certificate will state that the student has completed the national cognitive portion of the test, and will also have just the name of the instructor, Roy Shaw, printed on the backside of the certificate.

Blended (online + hands-on):

With our Blended learning programs, participants can complete their training and written tests through www.protrainings.com. After successfully completing the online training and written test, the participant schedules their hands-on practice and skill evaluation with a currently certified Instructor from ProTrainings

All blended certificates have a label of " Blended" or "Blended Plus" at the top right of the front of the card. Roy Shaw’s name is always listed as either the "instructor" (for Blended) or “curriculum instructor” (for Blended Plus) on all blended certificates. Under the skill evaluator heading, the name and phone number of the instructor who conducted the hands-on portion of the training is listed.

After the student passes the hands-on skills testing portion with their instructor, the instructor may optionally attest whether the practical skills were done through a " live, in-person evaluation" or a "live, remote evaluation." All skill evaluations are considered "live" because each student is guided by an instructor who evaluates the hands-on practice, demonstration, and skills testing. Students may also ask questions throughout the session.

    Live, In-Person Evaluation

    Live, Remote Evaluation

    No Selection- Contact Info Only

    Blended Plus

    A Blended Plus certificate indicates a higher level of quality control and scrutiny during the skill evaluation process. 

    On this certificate, the phrase "skill evaluator" has been replaced with "instructor trainer" to indicate that skill testing was performed by one of our team of screened Instructor Trainers, who are more closely monitored than a typical skill evaluator. Blended Plus certificates also state that the hands-on portion of the demonstration and skill testing were completed through a " verified live evaluation" because these courses come with added quality assurance, including, but not limited to, the following: 

    • Student identity verification through billing information, using PayPal or a Credit Card for payment, rather than cash 

    • Verification that the student in the skill evaluation is the same student who took the test since the same login is used for both of these tasks

    • Guaranteed accuracy of evaluation date and time since all skill evaluations by our Instructor Trainers occur in a ProTrainings-controlled environment 

    • Upholding a more consistently high standard since all evaluations are handled by in-house Instructor Trainers who have been extensively trained and vetted to have a high level of expertise 

    • Regular monitoring and review of Blended Plus Instructor Trainers for quality assurance by our compliance department

    Did you know? A card with the “ProCPR by ProTrainings” logo indicates that a student has been certified in one of the seven ProCPR courses listed below. The specific course, named by content, will be listed directly underneath the red banner, such as:

    • ProCPR -- Healthcare Provider (BLS) Adult, Child and Infant CPR/AED
    • ProFirstAid Advanced -- Healthcare Provider (BLS) Adult, Child and Infant CPR/AED & First Aid
    • ProFirstAid -- Adult, Child and Infant, Pediatric CPR/AED & First Aid
    • Community CPR -- Adult, Child and Infant CPR/AED
    • ProFirstAid Basic -- Adult CPR/AED & First Aid
    • ProCPR Basic -- Adult CPR/AED
    • ProFirstAid Only -- First Aid Only **not offered in a Blended format**

    If you have any additional questions or would like us to verify the course content and whether it was online-only or a Blended format, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance. 

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