How do I renew my certificate?

How to renew your certificate with ProTrainings:

If you are a returning ProTrainings customer, you can easily renew your certification by logging back into your original account. As a thank you for being a returning customer, a 10% off discount has been automatically applied to your re-certification course for you.  Watch the video above or follow the steps below on how to complete the renewal process. 

Renewing your Certificate (returning customer)

    First, log back into your original ProTrainings account here.  If you are needing help getting logged back into your original account contact our Customer Support team for assistance.
    If you are ready to renew, you will see a blue  Re-Certify button. This will appear 60 days before your current certification expires.  Click the Re-Certify button to get started on your renewal. 

    Note: The returning customer 10% discount is automatically applied to your course. The original price of the course will have  a line through it, and the discounted price will show beside it. You will not need to enter a discount code to receive the discounted price.
    Note: If you don't see your previous course and/or the Re-Certify button as mentioned above, our  Course Survey Tool  can help you find the course that best fits your needs and requirements by answering a few simple questions.  You can also check your testing history to see the courses you've previously taken, here's how to view your testing history
    After verifying your course, you will be able to choose whether to review the course training videos or go straight to the Test Challenge (training videos are required for renewals of our Bloodborne pathogen courses and our ProHIPAA course). 

    Upon successful completion of the test, you will be directed to the checkout process to purchase your course.  Once your payment has been processed you will receive an emailed receipt with a digital copy of your certification attached.  You will also be able to access/print your certification/documents from your Training Dashboard by clicking the Print Documents once your payment is completed.    

    Note:  If you are required to have a hands-on component in addition to the online training, we offer both local, in-person evaluations through the ProTrainings Instructor Network, as well as a convenient webcam option that allows you to complete your skill evaluation from home using a low-cost equipment kit mailed to you.

    Did you know?  First-time customers are also welcome to renew their certifications with us (even if you've trained with a different training company previously).  Our courses can be used for both initial training or renewals.  To get started on your renewal as a first-time customer with us, check out our How do I create an account article or contact our Customer Support team for further assistance. 

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