I already have CPR training equipment. Do I need to purchase yours?

As long as you have equipment that matches the course’s requirements for training and certification, there’s no need to purchase more equipment from us.

For example, if your employees need to train and be certified in ProCPR (Basic Life Support for healthcare providers), you would need the following equipment: adult and child mannequin with lungs, infant mannequin with lungs, AED training kit (updated to follow the 2015 American Heart Association CPR guidelines), and a bag-valve mask.

If there are any missing pieces of equipment, you are welcome to purchase those items from us, but we don’t require it. You may purchase those items from any company that offers CPR training equipment. If you do decide to purchase the equipment from us, however, you may be eligible for a discount on our evaluator equipment kits (depending on the course your employees are taking).

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