I can’t log in.

If you encounter trouble with logging into your account, don’t panic! We have some tips and tricks for you to try:

    Make sure you are on a login page. If you see a form asking for your first and last name, your email address, and asking you to create a username and password, you’re on our Sign Up page instead of the Log In page. This will create a new account for you rather than get you into your current account, so you’ll want to make sure you navigate to a Log In page. To do so, you can:
        • Click on the ‘Have an account? Log In’ link above the new account form.
        • Click on the red and blue cross logo in the top left corner. This will take you to our home page, and you can click on the ‘Log In’ link on the far right of the navigation bar.
    Make sure your password is properly capitalized/uncapitalized. Your password is case sensitive, which means that "password", "Password", and "PASSWORD" are all different passwords.
          Note: Also make sure that Caps Lock is not turned on when you enter your password.
    Make sure your browser’s auto-fill feature is turned off. Your browser may be set to automatically fill in a password when it detects that a certain username is being used. If you try to log in using this feature and can’t, it’s likely that your browser has recorded an old or incorrect password for our site. If so, manually type in your username and password and then click Sign In, and then if it works, be sure to update the password in your browser or turn the auto-fill feature off for our site.
          Note: For more information on the auto-fill setting and how to change it, consult your browser’s Help tool.
    Contact our Customer Support team. If none of these tips work, our Customer Support team can easily (and quickly!) look up your login information and reset your password, so feel free to  get in touch with us if you need help!

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