Can we train some of our employees to become skill evaluators?

Yes! This is a great solution for larger companies that would like their employees to complete our Blended CPR/AED courses.

Employees who are selected to become skill evaluators will complete the online skill evaluator course that corresponds with the course your company has chosen for your employees. For instance, if you would like your employees to take our ProFirstAid Blended course, your designated employee would take the ProFirstAid Skill Evaluator course.

Once they’ve completed the online skill evaluator course, they’ll have a live skill evaluation with one of our in-house instructors (this is conducted over webcam using Zoom, a virtual meeting room, so no special software is needed). This session will walk them through conducting their own skill evaluation with students so that they are comfortable assessing skills and working with CPR/AED equipment.

After the skills session is complete, they can begin to offer internal hands-on demonstrations to your employees immediately.

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